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William Saunders,

William Saunders, Founder of Corporate Contractors, Inc. graduated from the University of Denver with a bachelor’s degree in education, proving invaluable to his early career in sales training and marketing with corporate end-users. William had one goal in mind when he founded the company in 1990, to do selective work, and to do it above expectations. He made a conscious decision to pursue the corporate client, developing close working relationships within the industry.

William embodies an underlying principle in our philosophy, the idea that with proper guidance and an opportunity to excel, our people can achieve their highest potential. By employing motivation and nurturing independence, greater professionalism and client service becomes possible.

Mark Hemphill,
Executive Vice President

Mark Hemphill is one of the original leaders of Corporate Contractors, Inc. Mark Hemphill knows that being innovative and service-oriented results in achievements beyond client expectations. Having a deep respect for the architecture and design community. Mark puts forth the extra effort required to achieve the desired intent. Mark's primary goal is to maintain relationships for the lifetime of the client and is committed to the process.

Mark received his Bachelor of Arts from California State Fullerton and thrives in a collaborative environment. He brings a rich history of experience and a detailed mind to project development and delivery. Mark is aware of the issues faced in both the field and office and takes personal involvement in developing each individual's career goals. By nurturing talent from the inside out, a spirit of collaboration and dedication to successful project permeates our culture.

Scott R. Hemphill,
Senior Vice President LEED AP

Scott R. Hemphill is a capable, critical, and experienced leader within Corporate Contractors, Inc. With over 30 years in the construction industry. His field experience and learned wisdom combine for a natural talent in leading people. Scott brings a practical sensibility tempered with insight to diverse team dynamics, making him a valuable asset for managing the fast paced and fluid nature of construction projects.

Scott graduated with a degree in Business Administration and oversees all company operations. Scott is committed to building stable project teams and creating an energized and cooperative atmosphere. Scott clearly reflects the image set forth by the founders of an ethical, experienced, and committed organization.

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